Good Soldier


Welcome Home

good soldier,

one more bullet in the war.

Come on,


let me show you what you’ve done.


Inspired by us

to react to

every single tragedy,

we marched you

right into the city

and burned it down.


Thank you,

young man.

You took the torch

and spade

and dug us deep holes

to bury all the bodies.


No right,

no care.

Only this thing within you

that we put there,

so useful to those of our order.


Imagine this,

the same things, too.

Happening to you

and everyone you love.

Guess what?

That’s what we’ve been doing

at home

while you’ve been gone.


Raze your home to the ground.

Family all dead or imprisoned.

Thank you for your sacrifice

and making all this possible.


most holy vision.


Welcome home.



HG – 2021

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