A Storm of Tears


There’s nothing surprising here


not the characters,

or the plot,

or the score.

The world turns,

just as it always has

and we forget

everything about the past.

Until the day

the end is near,

and then it all comes clear.


A storm of tears

shows up in our eyes

and we can’t lie

to ourselves anymore.

We put our best foot forward,

ignoring the soft bodies

that we tread upon,

so long we built our cities

with the bones

of those we fed upon.


We see the same old lie

and sell it to the coming generation,

to pretend we have an answer

to the cancer of the world

and what happens after.


There’s nothing surprising here


We get every single thing

we ask for,

every single time,

we beg to die

then change our minds

when we’re the next in line.


So, we have progress

without progressing,

a distressing cycle

finally ending,

uncomprehending eyes

full of wonder

and full of fear.

A storm of tears.


DR – 2021

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