Two Trees


We made something

out of what little we had.

Two seeds

grown into old oaks.

We never made a forest,

but we stayed up,

through the storms,

made food for the squirrels,

and homes for the birds.


We shaded the lovers,

the doctors,

the lawyers

and the homeless man.

We gathered the Sun,

and the wind

in our leaves,

and we waved in the breeze.


We’ve been here

longer than these roads,

longer than these buildings,

but one day we will go

the way of all things.

Until then,

our branches will bear

the weight of snow

and the curious,

climbing touch

of children,

seeking to ascend.


We will always

reach out for the sky

and we have set our roots deep

in this community.

We have watched so many lives

pass by,

you and I.


The world changes,

but trees do not.

Our function stays the same.

Regardless of how much

carbon is in the air,

we clean it and make it pure.

No matter how hot the Sun,

we cast the big shadows

for people and animals to find respite.


It is strange

to watch these people change

when you are unchangeable.

Two seeds,

grown into two trees.

Two trees

in a town square.



HG – 2021

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