Why do you try to fly?

Your broken wings are stolen.

Strapped on another layer

of appropriated pain.

Skin is wearing thin

where you’ve rubbed up against

the truth of who you are.


Take a deep breath,

inhale the ashes

you leave in your wake.

Slave trader.


You’ve earned

every bit of pain

that you have coming.


So now you want to feel?

Now you want to talk compassion?

Reach back into your history

and pull up the noose

you used

to abuse

your truth

and see if it fits you.


You were never innocent.

All your words do

is condemn you.

It’s too late for excuses, now.


Fascist bastards

and your purifying fire.

That old stock religion

that you pushed

like a crack pipe,

or a liquor bottle

into the hungry mouths

of those you claimed to save.


All in the name of redemption?


the only mercy you’ll get

is what you’ve shown.

The stick you used

to measure worth

and beat the drum,

and crack the skull;

that is your reward.


I see you looking towards the stars,

as if you think

that you can just fly away

and leave all this shit

that you created behind.

We’re gonna tie you down

and watch you come apart

in the sky

like an meteor.



HG – 2021

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