Burn me up

in your little dust bowl.

Trash Can Man;

drive that thing

as fast as you can.


Complicated days.


but lived

and died

side stage.


Overflow the oil pan.

Just another day

in Don’t-give-a-fuck-istan.


No way to escape,

so be a savage king.

Don’t need to believe a word;

you know everything.


Turn up the heat further.

You’ll never bend metal,

unless the temperature

is as hot as your soul.


Small town,

big city,

no big deal.

All that matters

is the open road.


No hope,

no friends,

and no consequences.


I’ve outgrown

the taunts and the tails,

the heartbreaks and the failures.

The end

won’t be like the beginning.


I’m gonna find

the brightest lights

and the smoothest

stretch of pavement

and burn my way

out of this world.


You never knew me.

You never wanted to.



HG – 2021

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