The Word that Made the World


Waiting on the Word

that made the world,

like I will live


Before all this

and after,

It will be here,

at the center

of everything

and surrounding

inside and out

of this existence.




the being of Its presence.

All things

come from It.

Spoken at the beginning;

one name,

that made

all in this creation.

Infusing through

every structure

and every movement.

Wider and higher

than you

or I

could ever think

to perceive.


Does this conclude?

The breathing in,

the breathing out.

Expanding all of it.

Light first

and then

the heart of it.

Spinning out,

and drawing in,

contracting once again.

Getting closer,

then further apart

at once.


One Word

to make it all;

consciousness sparked.

One Word;

creation comes.

What small pieces

we can grip.

We are,

all of us,

all from

that one Word

that made the world.



HG – 2021

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