We spent the longest night

drinking cold beer

and eating barbeque,

as the sun faded

into nursery colors,

puffs of pink

and streaks of blue.


Times like this

I forget the impossible days,

and the fact that we

have never had kids

seems less like a failure,

then an outcome.


It gets late,

but it doesn’t get dark

and we talk about

our dreams,

and our fears,

and tell jokes.



we still dream.


we are still afraid.


we still each think

the other is hilarious.


There is more to this life

than what is obvious

for those

who break the surface.



you get cold,

and the mosquitoes

finally overcome

even my stubbornness,

and we

head back inside.


We have faced so much,

and I am ready

to face what’s next.

With you,

I feel whole,

all the purpose,

I have ever prayed for.



HG  – 2021

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