Saving Neverland


I cross my heart,

knowing that I’m about to do something


maybe even crazy

and I

know in my deepest self

that if I start to doubt,

or lose my confidence,

that I will fall again.

This time I cannot fail.


Everything is up to me.

Saving my reality,

as well as a few other

parallel universes,

is no small task.

Wait until the night falls

to seek out a certain star.

Second one

to the right

and hang on to

my happiest thought;





It’s sad to lose a Lost Boy.

Some fear getting old,

for life

is different on this side.

Those who fear the clock

are really just afraid to die.

Keep the spark alive

and don’t lose faith

in the face of time.


So many come and go,

and many lose their way.

It seems we are

tricked into growing up

faster and faster these days.

I have only so long

to do what must be done.

All universes share the same

adversaries by different names.


I can’t fail, now.

The war is here,

it’s mine to fight.

I might even have

a few pirates on my side.

There is no time to waste.

Hold on to the thought

that got me this far,

I’m gonna need it

in the days to come.



HG – 2021

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