Lazy Boy


We are not getting away.

The dogs have our scent.

Trapped like rats in a maze.

Every choice is a dead end.

We used to worry

about our health,

about our money,

live in every of each other

watch our brothers,

and we covet every comfort.


Blaze the day,

hot as a flame,


kept away from blame.

No real hurt,

no real life.

Tucked away

behind the walls

at night.


With armed guards

on patrol.

“Serve and Protect”,

but so much better

to keep you in your role.

“Be Safe.”

“Stay Home.”


We never understood

the way

comfort was used

to make sure we obey.

Caskets are lined with satin

and padded,

so the living aren’t afraid

to crawl into their graves.


We used to look

into each other’s eyes

and pray every day

we would survive,

and life had real meaning,

because we were free.


I’m not so sure

what we are, anymore.

Amazed that we came this far.

There is a way

from where we are

to where we need to be.

Come with me,

and see.



HG – 2021

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