Afraid of Heights



into a clear, blue sky.


like sweat from the skin.

How does it feel

to let all the pain



Left clean and pure?

Are you travelling light?

Oh, the places you’ll go

once you step outside.


Never mind all of this;

it’s happening far below.

The angle of approach,

must be just so,

otherwise you’ll


in a cloud of smoke.


There’s so much

in our lives

that we use

to weigh ourselves down,

because we’re afraid

of the heights we could be

seeing, now.


Turns out

once you get up there,

every direction is forward.

The universe

doesn’t really work,

like we think it does.


Matter and light.

Light and energy.

We are here,


Time and space,

are imaginary.

We exist,

as more

than we could possibly




HG – 2021

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