I don’t sleep,

I just move

from one world

to the another

and it’s exhausting

to try

and comprehend.


I remember

shadows and pictures,


and the way

they laugh

every time

I tell them

of this place.


What a strange way to wake;

shaking off the memory that fades.

Haunting recollections

of some other time and space.

In some ways,

it seems like

I’ve been there before.


Don’t know where I am,

but it’s familiar,

and the faces

are ones I recognize,

I realize now,

I can’t remember why

I started writing

about the other side;


tiny wormholes in my mind.


Give my head a shake

and face the day.

This is the world I’m in,

this is my place,

but ever since I was a child,

I knew there was

something we can’t see.


Almost imaginary,

almost fantasy,

but real,

a true impossibility.

Back to work.

Tonight’s ride comes,

and I will wake

right where I’ve begun.



HG – 2021

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