Let it Be


It’s never going away.

That box, once opened

doesn’t just get closed again.

I paid the price

to bathe in an otherworldly glow

and know things I shouldn’t.


Made a deal with the devil

and broke a promise

that I wrote in blood.

Turns out my soul

was never mine.

There are things we only learn

when we step outside.


So, let it be.


She was on my mind,

what parts of me

were working then.

I denied everything,

because pain was my wine

And I could not forget.


My heart was in bad shape

and she knew me well.

I walked away

just in time

to dodge the killing blow.

I think her last name

is “Death” now.


So, let it be.


The future is going to come for me.

I’m not a soul unstained.

I’m scars,

and problems,

but I haven’t given up, yet.

There’s something inside me

that won’t let me quit.

As if part of me knows

something the rest doesn’t.


I wonder what it’s gonna take

to get to my own secrets?

What price

could I pay more?


This life is a blessing

and a curse,

but every so often,

there are rare moments

that make sense,

and everything has a purpose.


So, let it be.



HG – 2021

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