Media Blackout


It isn’t about Truth,

it isn’t about lies,

it’s about recruiting

people to either side.

Majority rules the roost,

the rest are neutralized.

We buy the lies

and deepen the divide.

Look at every time

this shit’s been tried.


Like a team sport,

like a dream,

short and disappointing.

Wake up to finger pointing,

it’s all so annoying.

It used to be,

“Tune in,

turn on,

drop out”

Never thought we’d be conforming.

We need to think about

the viewpoints we’re supporting.


Questions used to be the currency

in the marketplace of ideas,

but we don’t parlay these days,

we burn and loot and steal.

We ostracize and block and doxx,

and scream to lock up other people,

it isn’t hard to see our beliefs

have been replaced by their ideals.


We’re all human beings,

all imperfect,

all just working

to be better if we can be,

we don’t need another enemy.



and better future families.

It’s life and death,

not right and left

and manufactured calamities.


We would all do better

if we were together.

Sure we’re all different,

but I think

we’ve been that way forever.

Our only wars should be against,

greed, hunger and hate.

Not reporting our neighbors

for how they relate.


Something’s got to give,

or something’s going to break.

We were taught to forgive,

but we forget that these days.

We are made of stars,

not politics and race.

We got a long way to go,

but I think we can make it

to a better place.


It’s not going to be easy.



HG – 2021

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