Does it hurt,

imagining the whole world?

Every cloud.

and every tree,

and every car?

How is it that you are

able to

imagine every point of view?

Are you everyone,

or is everyone you?


To see the world

through ever pair of eyes,

the horizon line

from way up high

becomes a globe.

How is it different

that the view from below?


Every light in the sky.

What’s it like

to imagine

what it’s like to die?

Or take flight,

or face the night,

or the eternity of space;

how do you imagine this place?


The galaxy,

the universe

and every star.

As far as I can see

this is impossible,

yet I look out

and there it is.


How do you imagine

every little thing?

The smallest detail

captured perfectly

without missing anything.


Every look,

every laugh,

every touch;

how did you imagine

there could be so much


in one world?


How did you find the space

to fit it in,

with all the hate and sin?

We are limited,

except where we are limitless.

How did you imagine

all of this?

All of us?



HG – 2021

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