Creature of The Night


I’m becoming a creature of the night,

just so I don’t have to face the day.

So tired of hearing the complaints,

people of the dark are there to stay.


I can’t take the daily exercise,

the politics and people patronize.

At night we speak of ‘The Why of The World”.

It’s quiet enough for the truth to be heard.


Don’t want to wear another made-up face,

or spend another day in office space,

or fight through my commute to get away;

all the streets at night are wide and empty.


I just want to wander

those dark and winding ribbons

in the rain.

I want to seek the secrets

of who I am

without the whole world in the way.


Why should I spend my life

under one oppressive Sun,

while up in the night sky

there are millions of them?


I am becoming a creature of the night.

I think I’m going to be alright.

I’ve see the beauty of this life,

it’s in the dark places where we hide.



HG – 2021 

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