Out in The Wild


Into the wild.

Out of the obvious.

There isn’t a soul for miles,

just the two of us.

In the forest

the trees protect

and the foliage conceals.

In the shadows therein

it can be hard to see

what is real.


Hawks scream,

and owls call.

Beasts of fur,

and yellow eyes.

Always being watched

by something,

being stalked,

or running

blindly terrified.


The wild can hide you and I.

It can consume all that’s civilized.

Take us to the moment we will die,

and then show us we’re going to survive.


We need some space.

Somewhere far away

from left and right.

Downstream there’s a cave

full of toxic people

and wasted lives.

We’re headed upstream,

deep into the wild.

It’s not going to be easy.

Out here on the edge,

we’re either living,

or we’re here to die.

I’m afraid,

and I can see

the look in your eyes,

but we’ll make it through

the night.


We’ll hear things

we’ve never heard.

See things

we’ve never dreamed.

Out here in the wild,

it’s dangerous,

but beautiful,

you’ll see.

We don’t have to

trade away our dreams.

Out here in the wild,

our dreams are listening.



HG – 2021

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