Have you ever

missed the last train?

Felt that flat feeling

in the pit of your soul


that you’re not getting home?


The creeping fingers of despair?

The wild shock of adrenalin,

when your mind realizes

that you are out here,


and exposed

and no one is coming to save you.


Is there anything there?

Some small bit of courage?

Perhaps a fragment

of a former self

that you tried to kill

with booze,

and dope

and mindless work,

that still refuses to die?

That might be the part of you

that saves you.


That might be

the part of you

that looks down those empty tracks

and knows that the next train

is not until morning,

but there is a bus station

five miles away.

Through Junkie-Ville,

and Murder-Town.



replaces fear.

The water in your legs

turns to iron

and you could walk

a hundred miles,

if you had to.

Through the things

and places that you feared,

it turns out

your mind

is the Devil,

creating Hell before you.


The cracked and decrepit buildings

are just stone.

The dark of night,

conceals you,

as well as the demons you fear.

The cloak of anonymity

as you stalk your way

through the night

reveals to you

that you

could also be

a dangerous creature,

if only you so chose.


Up ahead,

the light of the bus station.

Buzzing, yellowish light

paints the way to salvation.

Feet sore

and legs tired,

you sit,

waiting for the next bus to arrive

and look out beyond

this new oasis

into the darkness

that you now claim

as part of your kingdom.



the bus pulls up

and takes you home,

but part of you

will always be

a creature

stalking the city streets.

You will remember

the day

you became




HG – 2021

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