Acceptance Speech


These words

are like a prayer

breathlessly spoken

in a time of hopelessness.


These words

will never pierce the veil,

but they might reach

whoever needs them.


These words

bear everything

I’ve ever gotten wrong,

and all the harm I’ve done.


These words

are every bit of thanks

that I could give

to all those who have helped me,

forgiven me,

given me

another chance.


These words

are an appreciation

for every day

I get to open my eyes

and start again.


There is no more

these words can convey,

but I can take a moment

and appreciate

the time,

the love

and the effort

that others showed me.


These words

are as much a promise,

as an apology.


it’s easy to forget

how to speak,

how to say

what we really mean.


These words

will be here

long after me,

and I’ll still be thankful,

hoping they’ve been received.



HG – 2021

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