It’s okay to wonder,

the universe is full of us,

beings that wonder

and things that are wonderful.


It’s okay to doubt,

because we are human

and human beings

see many things

that are doubtful.


We cannot escape

our reality

and the promise

is always

a lie.


We are here,

that much is certain

and we are going

to leave here



It’s okay to be sad,

for our lives

are not perfect

and we will face

many terrible moments.


It’s okay to be afraid,

because there is

a vast unknown

in all our lives

that we cannot escape.


Cherish every moment

that you can.

We aren’t here,

in this place,

in this time

for more than a second,

and then we’re gone.


Flying through the universe

on our little, blue ball

until we’re not

and until then,

life is wonderful.



HG – 2021

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