White Blood Cells


All that’s become of

no use to you,

dead and dying


Necrosis setting in,

peeling of the skin

and resecting the flesh.


Body fighting an infection,

mind expelling thoughts and lies.

Who you were

was such a monster

that you could no longer disguise.


Feeding off

all the little things,

always negative,

always criticizing,

never positive.


A disease in human form,

but now your body has a cure.

No longer who you were,

but changing into something



T-cells recognize

the thoughts in your mind.

You’ll come away from this

resistant and immunized.

The old will fade away,

infection purged.

Look in the mirror,

see the picture,

it’s worth every, single word.


Infection expelled.

Restoration inhaled.

Cleansing the blood

of all those negative



You may not even know

you were a carrier,

lived this way

for so long,

but now you’re clean and clear,

all sickness disappeared.


Clear mind,

clear eyes,

clear skin,

and start again.



HG – 2021

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