Wild Fire


Take this

cold glass of water.

Let it slake your thirst,

like a late

spring rain

quenches the earth.

I could see

conditions getting dry,

perfect for a wildfire.


Don’t want to spend

another summer

breathing smoke,

or wondering

if we will lose our home.

No threat,

if I can make sure

things stay wet.


I can see it

in your eyes,

the spark that kindles

every time,

that handle

you’re about to

fly off of,

was made with love,

but it’s getting hotter.


Once the forest is tinder dry,

I won’t see you cry,

you’ll just explode

and we’ll have to fight

another wildfire.


That’s why

I breathe a sigh

of relief

every time

a good, soaking rain

comes by.

Even a lighting strike

won’t set the world alight.


The rhythm

of the steady fall

seems to soothe the beast

within us all,

and maybe we might

make it to the Fall

without a wildfire.



HG – 2021

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