Welcome to The Morning


See through the glass.

Feel the imprint

of soft, morning Sun

pressing into your flesh.

Welcome to the morning.


Joy should be your anchor

and today should find you,

heal you,

hold you,

lift you up.


Remember what it’s like

to smile.

The lines of worry

rise right off your face.


In the day,

you’re really coming around.

I can tell,

your eyes seem clearer, now.

Almost like you could forget

last night’s


and sadness,

and loneliness.


Look at the birds

in the sky.

The trees,

how they wave.

How the wind

sings songs,

and know

that you

are part of all of this.


I see the Sun

touch your eyes

and light up your smile,

and you’re beautiful

in the morning’s light.

You are alive.



HG – 2021

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