What might have been

opens up

before us.

What we never did

becomes part of our


Forget and forgive


for the chance not taken.

The end not explored,

the soul of remorse,

the ending forsaken.


What is it we’ve done

with our moments

that keep us so enthralled?

Casting our shadows

down a long and empty hall.

Afraid to take a step,

now we regret nothing at all

that we did,

just what we didn’t do.


Be brave.

Stay curious.

The way

is not always obvious.

Our fate

is sometimes drawing us

and we have to take a step

to know

which way

to go.


Death is certain.

I know

that I will miss you.

There’s no point

in denying


or trying

to know what it is

to live

the life we want.


Don’t regret a thing,

just open up,

and step

out into


and it will catch you.

Stay alive.

Stay curious.



HG – 2021

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