Trauma Island


The hardest thing

I have

to give up,

is my pain.


Without it,

I fear

a meager


of myself.


I have every excuse

to keep myself

cocooned in memories

of trauma

and sadness.


Gives me a reason

to keep my demons

and not reach for Heaven.


Lost the years

to the music

that played in my head

and never danced,

only swaying

in the wind.


Ask me again,

why I died

all those years ago?

Why I ran

from myself,

so uncomfortable?


This catharsis

is becoming inevitable

and I’ll run away

from the light again.


I am not what I was,

but I fear

what I might become,

not for any other reason

that when I push off

from this island

of despair,

I’m going to have to swim

on my own

and I’m scared.



HG – 2021

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