The Long Excuse


Stumbling through

another thought of mine.

Never mind

any kind of reckoning.

Crossed every dividing line,

committed the crime

of the century,

made you my enemy.


I’m not the type of guy

who gets away with things.

My soul abides.


I push back

and every task gets done

in its own time.

I am not worried

about any deadlines,

but mine.


I could have been an architect,

but all my plans are flawed.

I could have been an engineer,

but all my math is wrong.

I could have been a priest,

but I’m no man of God;

I’m barely hanging on,

but I’m not giving up

no matter how far I’m gone.


I’ve never been the hero,

but it might be nice

to take my own advice

and get on with this life,

instead of praying to the sky

while still hiding a knife.

There’s more to this

than what’s on the outside.


Bumbling like a fool

through every point of view.

Locked up in my head,

for breaking all the rules.

Throw away the keys,

While I’m tossing out the jewels

and hoping that I know

which way to choose.


This is turning out to be

just one





DR – 2021

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