Useful Idiot


Moving on angles

that cut

straight to the heart

of your disregard.

Never had an enemy,



no one’s really ever tried

to hurt you,

or take away

that which is

most precious to you.


You think you are strong

and that

is your weakness.

There’s nothing new

about you,

other than the time you’re in.


Would it do

to convince you

of your arrogance?

Or are you

so better fuelled

as our instrument?


We’re gonna give you

everything you’ve ever wanted.

Better for us

if we let you keep

your entitlement

and convince you

there’s enemies

coming to take it away.


Not your enemies,


you’ve never had any,

but now you have plenty

and we’ll make sure

they’re in your way.



to manipulate you

than teach you

to go your own way.

No value

in individuals;

we need outraged


like you.



HG – 2021

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