The Antidote to Everything


The mystery is not in the words,

it’s in the letters.

Tracing impossible

patterns in between

the things we try to say.


It used to be so simple,

our wonders were the forest

and the story that was told,

the ocean and the words,

were whispered in the cove.

The sky and all the stars

always seemed to hold

a secret

that we tried to unfold,

but now we know.


All of our interests

go deeper,

and broader,

and more esoteric.

It’s not just the water,

it’s every atom

again, even smaller,

if we can fathom it,

wider and farther,

expanding the scope of our problems.


Doing our best

to ignore one another

and the spaces between

what we mean

and what we say.


as we drift away.

The answer’s not in our skin


it’s in our DNA.


Some old

genetic code,

let’s just burn it away.

Some old,

Holy road,

we must bar the gate.

We put poison

in the antidote

to everything.


So big,

but so far.

not much good.

Said a lot,

but so little


They say the plan

is as good

as the man,

as a species,

it’s not clear

we understand.


There’s mysteries

between the letters.

Content to look out

at forever,

and think there’s more for us,

if we could do whatever

we needed to do,

but we still eschew

each other.


The universe

is a big

and lonely place.



HG – 2021

3 thoughts on “The Antidote to Everything

  1. I like the message. I think we are destined to life this life alone. However idealistic it might seem, I believe destinies are in our control and we don’t have to live this life alone. The change is up to us. Will we make it? Here’s where my realist takes form and I am inclined to think this is the way we will continue to live life
    And in order to not appear long winded, I’ll hush 😂

    1. Thanks for reading it, and for your feedback. It means the world to me when my work can stimulate a conversation, or an emotion.

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