Success and The Demons


Feeling along the surface

of my skin,

looking for the edges,

where I’ve been

cutting and tearing

myself again.

Thought I was more than this.

No rationalizing it.


I don’t think

there’s a better way

to find out

what’s inside,

without going out

of your mind.

I pay a price each time.


It’s getting to the point

where the dig

isn’t worth the pay.

All the time spent

putting myself back together again.


They say,

I can have success,

or I can have the demons,

but I can’t keep them both.

If I know that,


I’ve got a choice to make.

Time to come around

and maybe I won’t break

when I hit the ground.


Maybe I will stay

stable long enough

to create a place

to save

all the angels

in my way.


Tie the knot

on the final suture.

The future’s looking

like I might

make it after all.

Hide my scars

and start the climb again.

Always faithful in a fall.

Gravity always calls.



HG – 2021

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