Step Right Up


I tried my best

to get away

from the

perfectly manicured sideshow.

Terrible excuse for a game.

Why even waste

my time playing?


Polished punk rock,

embraced the politics

of mental illness.

Bought and paid for slogans

on an imported T-shirt,

made in a country

that would kill you

for speaking out,

but here we allow it,

because you’re someone’s

useful idiot


we all love

a spectacle.


We’ve been brainwashed

into allowing anything

in the name of


Sorry if it means

we must send you all

to the coliseum.

Sorry if I offend you all,

I never meant to be

anything like you’ve ever seen.

Cultivated your mutation

through and through.

The only thing individual

about you

is the number

on your issued ID.


“This way, please.

Face the screen.

We’re scanning you in

to be received

into our inventory

for some future need.

After all,

we’re gonna have

a lot of mouths to feed.

Until then,

feel free,


 not really.

Consume whatever’s

on your phone,

or on TV.

Please note

you’re being graded like meat,

based on what you choose to believe.”


Isn’t this such a crazy dream?

Clowns abound

and we haven’t even seen

the Ringmaster, yet.

The Bearded Lady

and the Strongman

have both left,

to make a run for government,

but I digress…


Sit back,

enjoy the show.

Want to leave?

Well, the answer’s “No”.

I’m afraid,

that you’re trapped.

Once you go Big Top,

well… you’ll never go back.



HG – 2021

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