I can hear

the crack and splinter

of my own reflected figure,

see me standing in a mirror.

I’ve been told

that I’m not really there.


Strange how light could be a liar.

Telling me to believe something

that isn’t real,

for no reason.


 I realize;

I’ve been doing the same thing

my whole life.


I am here,

in mind and body.


Herein lies the question.

I feel like I have been lost in

this whole life with no direction.



I can hear the calling

coming from far in the distance.

Turn to look,

but I see mirrors,

every vista seems indifferent.


Just reflections,

of reflections,

creating infinite doorways.

How am I supposed to know

what is real these days?

All of this contributes to

sickness of the mind

and this malaise.


I keep walking into mirrors,

just trying to find my way in.

If I stay silent

I can hear

the crack and splinter

of illusions breaking.


All things must return to dust

even lies with silver surfaces.

When I finally turn to face it,

tricked by my own impatience,

no longer trapped in this place,

I can step through,

into the truth.



HG – 2021

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