Magic Words


What is the point

of words,

if they can’t save you?

Why do I waste

the breath,

the ink,

if I don’t think

they can affect the outcome.


They say,

only actions

can change the world,

but I have read

that it was words

that made it.


You’re too beautiful

to suffer.

This life has to have more

than this to offer,

or maybe our eyes

need to rise

a little farther

up into the sky

if we want to see

a miracle.


If my words can hurt you,

then why can they not cure you?

If I can incite a riot,

then why if I am silent

does the pain not go away?

What am I supposed to say?


I ask God

and all his angels,

I ask Hell

and all its devils,

but they stay quiet

as the morning,

and I can’t stop wondering

what more I can say

that hasn’t been said

to make it alright again?


The funny thing about words,

is even when it seems

that they aren’t working,

we don’t stop talking,



for someone to hear us.


So, I’ll keep on writing

and speaking

all the magic words I know.

Praying for God’s mercy

that the Devil lets you go.

You’re too beautiful to suffer.

I have always wondered

why the world

is this way.

Who’s to say?



HG – 2021

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