From the Deep


So close.

Almost there.

Took you a minute

to free yourself

and now,

you’re about

to finally

break the surface.


I bet you didn’t know

how sweet the air could be.

Spent so long below,

holding your breath,

sleeping with Death,

while wondering where

all the bubbles go.


Thrashing the water hard, now.

Scared that you won’t break through

the surface tension

and live


When you do,

I bed the first thing

that you’ll notice

after sucking in air,

and crying your eyes out,

is that you are not prepared

for the noise.


It’s so quiet down there.

In the depths,

the cold embrace

is lonely,

but it’s present,

and like a womb,


in its love.


Out here,


to the world

and the sky.

Oh, my God,

the sky is huge.

And the lights,

and the sounds

and the voices…


You’re free, now.

Swim to shore.

Life is waiting.

Come on home.

Once you get your legs

under you,

you’ll know

you’ve escaped for good.



HG – 2021

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