High Times in the Apocalypse



my brain,

and how it takes in



with my DNA,

see how I change.

“Oh, interesting.”


This world

isn’t what it was before,

I don’t think it ever was

and we were sold more

of a lie

that we ever realized.


Chip me,

drug me,

or unplug me.

Replace any

old parts of me.

Implant me,

grant me,

life aplenty,

lie to me,

make me the enemy.


Take up the quest

for life eternal,

drink the blood

of boys and girls

and live forever

like infernal

gods you worship

in your temples.


Brand me,

track me,

like I’m cattle,

feed me bugs

to save the planet.

Make me hate

being free,

enslave me,


to save



There’s rockets

going to Mars,

but I see

you aren’t getting on.

I think

the best and the brightest

know what’s happening,

we’re being conned.



it’s too much to think.

Let me know

when I can neural link.

Maybe the AI

can make some sense,

of all of these lies

and cries

for consequence.


Why do I feel

like it’s all going to be over


Like when a stranger

walks into a room

and everything goes quiet,

too quiet,

like no one trusts

what anyone

is going to do.


The days

of boring days

are over.

We’re approaching a climax,

and I don’t ever want

to go back,

everything’s too interesting, now.

I can’t wait to see what’s next.



HG – 2021

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