Dark Nights & Bright Mornings


I told you

you would wake up.

There was another day

after last night,

another chance to take,

now everything

is gonna be



I know it’s hard to see

that there is possibility

in the night,

when you’re alone

and the demons come.

They whisper

every little failure

in your ear,

worrying old wounds

you thought had healed.

Hopelessness builds

until you feel

like you don’t have tomorrow.


Tell me,


in the light of day,

with that warm sun

on your face;

do you see

you have the strength

to make it

through one more day?


The hard times

are a downward spiral

that drag you out of your mind

and into the earth,

like a plane crashing

over and over again.

Separate yourself

from your pain.

Open your eyes

and find a way

to take

a chance

and remain

in this place

one more day.


I know that feeling,


doomed and drowning.

We all come down,

but you don’t have to crash

upon re-entry


and over


You can find

a soft place to land,

like a bright morning,

like a friend.

The struggle is not the end.



HG – 2021

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