Video Dance Party


Here we go,

that old skeleton dance.

The songs sung

in funereal voices

meant to echo deeper

and tear the pericardium .


Holier men than thou

have failed to stick

the two-step,

soft shoe,

dance-dance revolution,

disco fire,

that builds

until it eventually involves

the arsonist.


The same lyrics

that were spoken in church basements

and meant to distill down

one more drop

of homemade misery

into a tincture

that could cure cancer

and make the dead



and moonwalk

for our amusement.


Oh, we sure tried.

We gave it our all.

We never thought

the day would come

when we would look in the mirror

and see that grinning rictus

smiling back at us,

as if to say;

“May I have this next dance?”

The Homecoming King,

calling out all wallflowers.


We show up,

tone deaf

and without

any kind of rhythm.

Fashionably late,

but better than not at all.

A Tik-Tok death dance

trends and goes viral,

and in this day and age

it’s really hard to argue.


Time will tell

how much longer

we’ll have

to try and get this fire started.

These old bones

don’t hop like they used to

and now,

 we’re doing this

without accelerant.

Looks like

this will have to happen

the old fashioned way;



and a solid percussionist.



HG – 2021

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