Meeting Expectations


The words leave my lips

and they fade

quicker than the eye

can look away.

So few

follow what we do,

we take a lie in trade.

Thought I would recognize

your name,

or at least

the features of your face.

Once again,

I let my expectations

get in the way.


This is the place

that we get to

when I think I know

what I want

and I miss you.

I start getting frantic,

moving faster,

talking louder,

and I miss it

when you answer.


I know I’m not the only one

who says a prayer

and then when I am done,

forgets the words

that I spoke,

every one.

So, I don’t recognize the answer

when it comes.


I’ll just have to learn to let go

of everything I think I know,

because if my thoughts

were right all by themselves

I wouldn’t need to pray for help.


Not as smart

as this world

would have me believe,

there are still some mysteries.

Don’t know what God

has up His sleeve,

so I’ll try to be

more mindful

of every word I speak.



HG – 2021

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