Cave Paintings


What if it’s not

what we thought

it would be

at all?

We told ourselves


and wrote them

on the walls.

Came to a point

when we thought

we could go so far.

Turns out we’re all

really just explorers

at heart.


We wrote books

and made movies

and thought

we could see ourselves.

Convinced by our own


that we could tell

what would be true,

but in the end

we deceived ourselves.

At least

we went boldly

into tomorrow,

if nothing else.


There’s things

beyond us

that we can’t even


Everyone’s wrong,


of what we believe.

We can face

the New Truth

on our feet,

or on our knees.

There’s something coming,

and it’s something

you’ve got to see.


Imagine the stories

told of the world

by primitive Man.

Now, think about

how we live,

what we understand.

Now, consider

that what’s coming next

makes all of our plans

look like we’re painting

our stories on walls




HG – 2021

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