High Beams


This looks like a long haul,

never ending road,

where dreams seem impossible,

another horizon greets me, cold.

Soul is still untouchable,

but so is love,

or so I’m told.

This world has lost its hold

on me;

I’m gonna go.


How is it still dark?

Why am I still running

with my high beams on?

It isn’t easy to describe

the place that you are

through the windshield of a car.


I’ve got to keep going.

There is no place,

here or there,

for my kind.

Got to keep it moving,

only at the end

of this stretch

might I be satisfied.


I don’t want to live

like I’m watching the end.

I’m not doing this just to die,

but there’s a part of me,

whenever I settle down,

that just wants to get

in the car

and drive,

until the road ends.



HG – 2021

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