Catching a Ghost


Letting that last finger slip,

losing my grip

on this.

Maybe it’s been long past time

I let go

of this mind.


Out of all the ways I’ve tried

coping with

every lie,

I’ve never been quite satisfied,

but here I am



Waking from yet another dream

wishing I could scream,

or reach out

to turn on the light.

Can’t find the will to fight.


Why won’t you live me alone?

I put you in your place

so long ago.

Watched you wither and die,

why aren’t you pacified?


The face of the past

comes like a ghost

and drags me back

to somewhere

I don’t want to go.

Wish I could scream,

or run away,

’cause I know

that I’ll wake up in shadows.


Guess that I’ve been clinging to

some old memory

of you.

Couldn’t seem to break my fingers free

and let the past



So, there’s a pretty good chance

I’m haunting you,

and you are gone,

and you are through.

I just haven’t been able to continue

on my way

without you.



HG – 2021

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