Wrap me up

in you.

Don’t let me go,

for the moment.

I’ve been


through a long

and cold season.


Cover up

my wounds.

Let me heal,

let me sleep

inside and away

from all

of this sickness

and insanity.


This world is not

what I thought

it would be.

There has got

to be something

that’s not

this degree

of loathing

and suffering


after calamity.


I tried

and I failed,

to open my sails,

to catch a storm,

but it showed me

how frail

we’re born


we prevail.


Bind up my wounds

and I’ll try again.

Sifting through

what’s left of me,

knitting my skin.

Setting my bones,


with you around.

Just about ready

to try

one more time.



HG – 2021

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