Flaming Wreckage


I’m walking away

from this mistake.

Didn’t think it would fly,


Could have done some more,

reinforced the core,

but I think

I knew what was in store.


Flaming wreckage

on the ground.

I hear the rumors

go around,

but they are quieter

than they were then;

these days,

no one is really friends.


Set a course for “I don’t fucking care.”

Fired up the engines,

wires bare.

Took another drink,

because I was so scared.

Thought that I was prepared.


Blast off!

Next stop,

Outer Space!

I figure,

I maybe made it half way,

before I came crashing down

in a brilliant display.

Flaming wreckage,

but I walk away.


A crowd

gathers at the crash site,

hoping to gain

a glimpse

of the astronaut who died,

but I’m already gone,

on my way to my next flight.


I’ll get closer next time.

Further away from my crimes.

Live it over and over


That why I take the ride






HG – 2021

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