Yesterday I was strong.

Fought the enemies I faced.

Took every enemy head on.

Held on to my hope and faith.


yesterday is gone

and all I have is today,

I’m afraid to say,

I think I’m gonna break.


Saw the cracks in my façade,

covered them up

with mud and paint.

Saw that I was looking drawn

when the mirror showed my face.

I have had my share of wins,

but more than my share of mistakes.

Everyone has a line

and I’m at mine;

this time, I’m gonna break.


Watched the storm roll in.

Prepare what we could.

Filled endless bags with sand,

covered all the windows up with wood.

Now, on the beach I stand,

watching the storm come off the cape,

the wind is gonna blow,

and the house is gonna shake.

But when it’s calm again,

and the storm starts to fade

you’ll find me standing here

staring out at the water

and I’m going to break.


I have no shame

in the way things are.

We don’t always get to pick our cards.

If all the days

were all the same,

we’d never know the joy

of living through the pain

of loss,

and death,

and things we can’t explain.

So much to lose,

so much to gain.

Even the best of us

have sorrows in our wake.

Even the strongest of us




HG – 2021

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