In Amber


She says

she’s gonna stay a while.

I’m caught up in amber,

like something

from a long gone day.


She sleeps late,

wakes up perfectly.

The day is strange enough,

to be a promise.


Does her hair,

looks in the mirror,

but I think that’s where

her angels hide.


I ask her

if she knows where she’s going.

She just shakes her head

and smiles.


Those dark curls

frame her face

and her eyes are wide,

maybe just about to cry.


She can’t find

the words to lie,

and the truth

sits in her mouth

like sand.


I can’t say I know,

but I have some idea.

Every person

has to face

their own fears.


I know how strong

she can be.

I know she’ll get there



For now,

I get up

and sit beside her,

her head resting

on my shoulder.


We’ve been through a lot together,

and I hope

we do more

before it’s over.



HG – 2021

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