Bait and Switch


Letting your mind play

those old games.

Another trick on you

comes together,

constantly assailing the walls

of your sanity.


Never knew that you would do

what you

did in that

single moment.

Through all the things you had

to choose,

we became irrelevant.


No time left for us to

talk about it.

You reach for

a savior,

never even thought about it.



your rules

doesn’t make you free,

just does the same thing

they do to me.


Answers to your questions

always lie

in the same place

they always did.


takes flight,

only if you

don’t constrain it.


Telling yourself one thing

when you clearly believe


is an awful trick

for you

to play

on you.


This is why

some of us

seek asylum.

Separating out

from this abuse

is tough to do

from the inside.



HG – 2021

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