The Bell Tolls


Listen to the bell ring,

not knowing for whom it tolls.

What idea has passed,

what idea has been born?

These days we turn with fear

in our eyes at every sound.

It never used to be this way.

What has changed us, now?


The world is the same place it was,

the Earth below,

Heaven above,

but we have changed our minds


we were told it would be better.


Who does our thinking of us?

Who forms our beliefs and extorts us,

who starts the wars

and forces us

to choose a side?

Who asks us to shut up and die?


Will we remember this time?

Can we keep our minds

together this time?

Will history be erased

in our haste

to conform,

to confine?


There is still hope.

There is still a chance.

We can still decide

to throw off the shackles

and advance.


Or we can put our heads down,

close our eyes

and stay in line.

The future

will reveal

our crimes.


We only have this moment,

this one song,

this one life.

None of us are wrong,

if none of us are right.


We’re in this together,

only winning if we fight.

It’s easy to tune out the bell,

when it’s ringing all the time.


HG – 2021

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