Suicide Pass


Passing on the outside.

Speeding up

to make the space ahead.

Not confined

by the lines,

or sequestered

in the end.


Looked around,

slowed down,

thought about it.

No reason to stay here.

“It’s not allowed.”

they said,

but what if I took the chance

and got away with it?


Even by asking

the question,

I’m pulling out of line

a little bit,

just to check the traffic.


I think it’s clear.

Open it up wide,

let it all ride,

there no turning back

this time.


All of those things

that control you,

are all in your mind.

The only power they have

is what you give them.

The limit is a lie;

just painted lines

and fancy signs.


Here I go.

Hope I don’t run out of road.

There’s space ahead

and I know,

I’m gonna make it.


Do I slide back in,

before I find the end?

The only way to know

is to try.

I was never satisfied

staying in line.



HG – 2021

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