I felt it in my heart

and in my soul,

like a great weight

pressing on my chest.

Anxiety is a cruel condition,

and this was something worse.

My vision narrowed,

down to a tiny dot,

and my breath stopped in my throat.

I thought for a moment

that I’d lost consciousness,

but then my body shook

with rasping sobs.


You were there

and you held me

against your chest,

as I soaked your favorite t-shirt

with my tears.


over the rush of blood in my ears,

I could hear you

speaking softly.


“It’s okay.

Let it all out.

I know it feels

like it’s the end of the world

right now,

but trust me,

it will pass.

This is real right now,

so feel what you feel,

so you can feel something else

another time.

This is what it is

right now,

but it’s not forever.”


I didn’t believe you,

but you were right.

A few days,

a few weeks,

a few months,

and life was almost normal.

I never stopped thinking

about such powerful feelings,

moving in and out of our lives,

like thunderstorms,

so transient.


HG – 2021

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