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Cut a wound,

just to let it heal.

Feel something


Young and bold,

old and frail,

time accompanies

our constructs.


Living like

we know

we’re going to Heaven.

Locking every door

and window,

so we don’t let

the Devil in.


Crossing every threshold

like it’s gonna take our Mana.

Guarding every situation,

because we’re scared

of our father.

Living in a self-made prison,

because of fear of some reprisal,

like a judgement after death,

is just worshipping an idol.


Break away

from what you think,

you know

about the supernatural.

Every single thing

that you’ve been told

is sold

by liars and assholes.


They ordain


and treat

the rest of us

like cattle.


is the God of free people,

we’re only slaves to our debacles.


Once more

and again.

Live like we’re already in Hell.

Try to find the lie

and I

know I might as well,

concede the point.


this story I can tell.

Life is what we make it

and then afterwards

it’s up to someone else.



my wounds

in the twilight.

Watching the stars come out

one by one.

So beautiful

to be a part

of a mystery.

I guess I’ll find out


when I’m done.



HG – 2021

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