One-Way Ticket


Giving me

a little room to breathe,

not like yesterday.

Tied myself in,

didn’t even think

that I might want

to do

something new


A one-way trip,

ticket bought in anger.


Reaching out,

you took my hand in yours.

Sat down next to me,

and strapped yourself into the seat.

I couldn’t believe

someone could be so crazy,

or even

as insane as me.


In the air,

I thought I’d be alone.

On my way,

but with you there,

my mind is calm.

You take

so much of the confusion

when you lean

your head on my shoulder.


So now,

we’re on this journey


A destination ahead,

more than a reckoning.

Before us,

there is hope for the future,

because wherever

we are

could be home.



HG – 2021

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