Night Church


This was where I found you,


in the dark places between days.

I watched many

standing in the daylight

calling you name.


This was where you found me;

in those lonely moments,

where the light couldn’t get in.

Insomniac without the

kiss of unconsciousness,

so I could start again.


Only the visitor,

who came to me

when I found sleep

and locked me in

sheer terror,

everything I could do

to escape.


Walk under street lights,

wonder what it would be like

to live in the trees,

or soar in the dark sky?

No reason why

I had to be

a creature of the light.


Then, the fear would come again.


like prey,

in the gaze of the predator.

The mind reels,

and all I can feel

is pure terror.


And so, sleep eludes,

until you

find me,

cover me,

and fill me with warmth.

I learn in that moment,

that love

isn’t just a curse.


The darkness is empty again,

just stars,

and Moon,

and dreams.

No more night terrors

come to visit me.


This is where you saved me.

From what?

I truly cannot say,

but there are those

that seek you in the light of day,

and then there are those

who you find

in the night.


Faith is something different

to those

who know its kind.

A different type of benediction,

a special kind of rite.

Faith found in the darkness

says with us

in the light.



HG – 2021

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